We may help to get a visa for your visit. It only takes few days. Since there has no direct flight to St. Lucia from Hong Kong or China. You are required to take a transit in Europe, likes London, Paris or US. It takes at least around 22-24 hours for traveling.

No, our company mainly focuses on Caribbean investment immigration business and engaged in the investment promotion of Caribbean projects. Surely we also engage in Hong Kong Investment Immigration business.

 In accordance with the laws of local country,your new born baby will automatically inherit the citizenship.

government has no restrictions on “dual citizenship” and does not report citizenship information to other countries.

No, not required as most of the work is taken care by us. But, if you prefer you can come to local country and get to know more on the investments here like real estate etc.

The currency of St.lucia is Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). Roughly 10 USD will buy you 27 Eastern Caribbean dollars.

No. You are not required to live in St.lucia but as a citizen you have every right to live and work in St.lucia, whenever you want.

The Citizenship-by-Investment Program of St. Lucia, making it the longest established program of this kind in the world. it utilizes this program to attract investors of good character to make a substantial contribution to the development of the Federation.

Obtaining Citizenship and passport in another country by “legal” means are getting very difficult nowdays, and Governments are making sure that such programs are only available for wealthy or high net worth investors who are capable to making a substantial contribution to economy of the country and who are able to support themselves financially.

If applicant has a criminal record, a tainted reputation or unable to pass the due diligence clearance, the Government may reject the citizenship application. 
If you have had  visa denial to any one of the countries, where St.Lucia have visa free travel agreements, you cannot apply for the citizenship-by-investment program. You must have successfully obtained visa from the same country which denied your visa, in order to apply for citizenship program.
Please note that granting citizenship is at the sole discretion of the St.Lucia and Nevis Government. We carefully evaluate each applicant’s individual situation prior to accepting a citizenship applications and only if we are satisfied with applicants eligibility we will submit to Government. We do not use any intermediaries and we serve to protect confidentiality of our wealthy clients. No success, No Charge.

St. Lucia has no personal income tax, no wealth tax, and no inheritance taxes.

National Economic Fund is a public charity and the investment amount is donated to the sugar industry foundation (charity), is non-refundable by the Government. With real estate option, it is bit expensive, but investment is recoverable (real estate can be sold after 5yrs). As of new rules from 2012, the next buyer will qualify for citizenship. Both real estate and Donation takes the same approval time.

The application process time after receiving the complete application forms and documents (as well as paying the funds) is currently 6-8 months – regardless if a client chooses the Donation option or the real-estate program.

· Visa free travel for over 110 countries including all EU countries, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland;
· Process time of the application is fast. It only takes around 6-8 months for processing;
· No residence requirements;
· Free to live and work in St.Lucia as a citizen;
· A tax paradise in the world. No personal tax, capital gain tax, profit tax, inheritance tax;
· Your asset will be protected by the Government of St. Lucia under international laws;
· Dual Nationality is allowed. You is not required to give up your original passport;
· Once you get the citizenship of St. Lucia, you are also granted the residency right of 15 Caribbean Community(CARICOM) countries;
· You may apply your full time studying below 30 yrs of age children and above 55 yrs of age parent or grandparent with you in the application;
· During the application period, you are not required to leave your country;
· Second citizenship for your family members. Your children are ease to study in worldwide famous school in nearly all round the world, e.g. England, Canada or Australia, etc. No student visa is required; and
If you chose the real estate option, you may have permanent property right in St. Lucia with good rental return under the management of worldwide famous branded hotels.

St.Lucia is a beautiful small two island nation in the Caribbean located some 2,000 km to the southeast of Miami. 

Currently, passport holder of St. Lucia enjoys 120 visa-free or visa on arrival countries in the world, e.g. England, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, etc.

The minimum investment amount to USD 100,000 under SIDF and USD 300,000 under real estate for single applicant.
A non refundable charity donation of minimum US$ 100’000 to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) for single person + payment of processing fees. Additional fees apply for any accompanying family members.
Designated recoverable Real Estate Investment with a value of at least US$ 300,000 plus payment of various registration and other fees . Additional fees apply for any accompanying family members.
Additional costs apply including for any family dependents. You may include your spouse, full time studying children below 30 yrs of age, and/or your or your spouse’s above 55 yrs of age parent or grandparent in the citizenship application. For children who are above 18 years of age, additional USD 50,000 applies.

Our company is adopted “ No Success, No Payment”. As long as you have No criminal record proof and all document and information provided are genuine,we will refund your deposit to you immediately.

The costs and applicable fee will be clearly stated in quotation. We will give it to you during the interview.

First you need to tell us how many people including family members and children, would be applying for the citizenship program. Initially we ask our clients to sign a service agreement and pay half as deposit. Then we will process your application immediately.

Yes, due diligence will be carried out for children with 16 years or above. Further children above 18 years of age, need to provide evidence of college enrollment.